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    Brilliant Abundance

    Founder & CEO

    Spiritual Healing Life Coach


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    Community Organizer

    #StopViolenceAgainstWomen #StopRape #WomansRights #BlackLivesMatter #DST

    Crisis Intervention Advocate/Activist


    Rape & Domestic Violence

    Crisis Intervention Backup Supervisor

    Hotline Support

    EWI Entrepreneur Fellow

    Business Planning, Pitch, Finance Education, Company Growth

    Black upStart Entrepreneur

    Ideation Process, Product Development & launch

  • Brilliant Abundance | Personal Development & Spiritual Wholeness Healing

    I Am Walking in my God-given destiny; empowering women to walk away from the culture of shame associated with being a survivor of violence and helping these women move into their Brilliant Abundance -- healed, whole and complete.



    Where The Destination Leads Is Limitless


    Live in your abundance...and fear not when you take those gigantic leaps of faith, instead be amazed by the glory!


    Having endured a traumatic childhood, finding a journey of healing led me to become my whole self; leaving childhood hurts behind to discover my life-ministry touching the lives of women who've survived sexual assault and domestic violence to reach their sense of freedom the way I found mine -- through healing and forgiveness.


    Live in your abundance...and fear not when you take those gigantic leaps of faith!


    I've always wanted to live a life that empowered others.  Now I 've chosen to do just that!  As the Founder & CEO of Brilliant Abundance, I get to touch the lives of women, ages 18-36 who identify as indirect & direct survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and or child abuse.  Through a personal development and spiritual wholeness healing, the non-profit provides a safe space for women to heal and feel empowered.


    As a Spiritual Healing Life Coach, I get to empower others to live lives with a soulful connect to an energy that is beyond that of our busy world.  Empowering and inspiring clients to take charge and re-charge!


    God had blessed me with many valuable gifts to walk in His righteousness and bring healing to others through the discovery, growth, and/or strengthening of spirituality within and in connection with a greater belief system.


    Trained in Spiritual Coaching, I use intuitive listening skills to help you deepen your spiritual life, creating a more greatly enriched path for your relationship of self and spirituality.

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    Always Look Ahead

    Personal Development

    Growing as an individual has always been a value that I've placed high on my priority list.  When you're your best self, life becomes "easier" and your goals seem more attainable than dream-like.

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    Thriving in Purpose

    God-Given, Life-Ministry

    I'm an entrepreneur, a Black-woman entrepreneur and thriving in this life-purpose has been rewarding on every level - and it's only just begun.

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    Enjoy the Journey

    Compare your life to no one's

    The best thing I've ever done for myself was recognizing that my progress is on my timeline.

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