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A non-profit healing journey.

Brilliant Abundance is my first real entrepreneur-like endeavor and I'm very excited about the progress that I've made since the idea was formed less than a year ago.  It's funny because I have directed and lived my academic and career lives, as though I were on track to become a prosecutor in sex crimes.  I knew that was the career dream that I was destined to have, at least until God took me down a different path through my journey to discover my life ministry -- working with women who identify as survivors of violence (sexual, domestic, and/or child abuse) to reach their brilliant abundance in healing and wholeness.
What I didn't know fall of 2011, when I started my R.U.H.C.U.S (Radically Unapologetic Healing Challenge for US) is that when God was sending me on my healing journey, He even advising me that I would be a motivational speaker; what I hadn't realized is that my journey would lead me to found Brilliant Abundance and grow with desire to become a spiritual healing life coach.  I would have never imagined that a 30-day vlog journey would lead me to such serious self-discovery, continued healing, and deep rooted personal development -- despite how raw and open I had to become to truly find the yellow brick road that lead to my healing.
As I got deeper into my healing journey, I attended Bossed Up Bootcamp, February of 2014 in Washington, DC and decided my time had come to stop waiting and start conquering.  Many of my dreams were labeled as goals for "when I get older."  That wait has ceased because the time is now, after being nominated for the inaugural class of Boss of the Year award nominees and being a #LikeABoss feature in Huffington Post Women, my goals took a deeper internal look, adjusted to stop the wait and begin the journey now!  
Last winter, I'd begun to develop the idea of a women's empowerment type of business that had focused on personal development and spiritual wholeness.  As winter progressed, I discovered Empowered Women International's Entrepreneur Fellowship for Women.  I nominated myself, got the call for an interview, nailed the interview, received a full scholarship, and began the program. After 3 months of foundational teaching, I graduated the first module (Entrepreneur Training Success) with a memorized 3-minute business pitch, a fully actualized (and written) business plan, and plenty of wonderful new entrepreneur women in my network of support and encouragement.
Life's check-ins always seem to align themselves appropriately.
Right after being accepted to the program, Bossed Up featured me in a ##FierceFriday: Corinn's A Growth Junkie and it's pretty amazing to see the difference in where I was when I started my healing and growth journey to where I had gotten to and even now, where I'm going.
Identifying as an indirect survivor myself, I found it difficult to rid myself of the embarrassment and shame that came along with enduring the effects and aftermath of my mothers' childhood sexual assault and drug addiction. 

While working on goal-setting and creating a vision board to start her next chapter of personal development and growth, the idea to create a non-profit to empower women through healing and personal development was born.  Brilliant Abundance is destined to touch lives and bring true healing through personal development and work on becoming spiritually whole.  Brilliant Abundance is currently in the start-up phase; founded to meet the need of continued support and healing for direct and indirect survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and/or child abuse, who are seeking post-crisis intervention services. 

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